Key Challenges:

How do I find the right college? How do I pay for college?
How do I get in? How do I mange the application process?

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GuidedPath is built for advisors to aid in getting more students into college.

GuidedPath includes customization for your organization and individual students, current and accurate college and testing information, surveys, resources for students and advisors, communication tools, business tools and more.

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  • I LOVE GuidedPath! Your dedication to making the product better and better is unrivaled!

  • " GuidedPath has taken my business to a new level of professionalism. As a consultant helping international students, my clients have an understandable anxiety of wanting to ensure they know what to do and when.  With Guidedpath students and parents are empowered as this makes them directly part of the process.  The ability to be able to collaborate on a platform that allows all involved to see what is the next step has really helped everyone understand their role and responsibilities.  No more dropping the ball!
    My favorite part has to be the fact that all the data for universities and colleges is so readily available. Students are able to really have a realistic look of their chances by using this tool.  As international students, going through the research phase is quite overwhelming but Guidedpath has made it so easy by allowing them to organize their list--- and now with the new "Majors"  college search, this has become an even more valuable tool!
    Before Guidedpath I relied on my self-made excel sheets, dozen of google drive files, and my ability to juggle to do list on my mind.  Guidepath has been a blessing in so many levels and quite honestly I did not even know how I managed to do all that I did before I found it.  Guidedpath has allowed me to streamline systems and given me back time to do what I love:  helping students.
    Each time I find a new way that Guidedpath makes my life easier I do a little victory dance and thank their team profusely.  Truth is that there is so much that you can do with this software that it takes time to unpack all the ways that it can help you.  They are constantly updating their system which in turns makes my practice stand out!   Thank you to the GP team for this.  Honestly, my biggest regret  is not having found them sooner."

  • As a parent, and as a student user, GuidedPath is miles ahead of other programs we have seen.

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