GuidedPath is Making History Again

Working in a Dynamic World College counseling is a dynamic, fluid field.  Each year, as counselors, we face new counseling challenges and issues.  Parents and students face an ever evolving process for college admissions.  Over the past four years...
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Introducing GuidedPath’s NEW Decisions Dashboard

New Decisions Dashboard Now, adding college decisions in GuidedPath is easy and fast, using the new Quick Accept feature. As the leading online college planning software, GuidedPath is leading the way into 2017. The new Decisions dashboard features: At...
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GuidedPath’s Most Popular Webinars

Over Four Years Broad List of Topics Covered Over the past four years we have covered a wide range of topics through our GuidedPath webinar series.  Let’s take a look back at what we have covered. 2013: June-July |   Now That You Are a College...
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Why Celebrate Seniors in December?

December is such a busy time of year- why try to add another activity to the list? This year our office planned a senior celebration to be held in early November, to avoid the holiday rush. Due to the early arrival of twin grand-daughters, the celebration...
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Christmas Comes Early to GuidedPath Users with New Majors and Degrees Feature

  • Christmas comes early!
Announcing an early Christmas present for all GuidedPath users or those interested in college planning software.  We are excited to announce we have added another new, groundbreaking feature to GuidedPath: Majors and Degrees. Thank our software developers...
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See Cyndy at CollegeWeekLive! Tomorrow Nov 3rd!

Join me tomorrow at CollegeWeekLive’s November All Access Day. I will be answering all of your college application questions at 10 am EST! http://bit.ly/2ewfxGF
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