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Recent Updates – Financial Aid Report, Quick Add Colleges, and More!

It’s been another really big week here at GuidedPath.  We have lots of exciting new things to share with you. Financial Aid Report The new Financial Aid Report is a highly requested report that summaries all the financial aid requirements for each...
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Recent Updates – Universal College Application Integration and MyCCA Login Updates

This week we have two updates. Universal College Application Integration We are proud to be a partner of the Universal College Application and this week we have exciting news!  GuidedPath is now integrated with the Universal College Application.  In...
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August Newsletter

Our August Newsletter is now available. Click the graphic to access the full newsletter.  
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2014 University of California Application Tips

The University of California is the most prestigious, public university in the system.  This is the first year students can start on their University of California applications in the summer.  (Student’s still have to wait until November 1 to officially...
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Newsletter and Website Launch Announcement

August is always an exciting time of year.  It signals the beginning of  a new school year for many students and adults.  For GuidedPath, it signals the launch of our new website and newsletter!  Being launched this week, the Guided Path newsletter...
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Wendie’s Transition – How I Stopped Complaining About the MyCCA Transition and Learned to Love GuidedPath

I have been using MyCCA for as long as I have been working as an independent consultant. I called it my right arm… it was my go to site for recording session, knowledge base and bookkeeping. My students loved the CSQs and I loved the broadcast email...
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