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Five New Surveys added to GuidedPath

The GuidedPath development team is leading the way again.  They have implemented several new surveys for you to provide to students and parents. Taking a paper form and turning it into an online tool makes you look professional, sets you above the crowd,...
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How to Avoid Writer’s Block: Guiding Students Through Writing College Essays Webinar Material

Writing college essays is a rite of passage for most seniors.  Working with students, guiding them through this process, is a rite of passage for advisors, teachers and counselors. Dr. Elizabeth Stone, author of  “The Better College Essay”...
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Tips for University of California Personal Statements

For some, fall is a quiet time built for reflection and season changes.  For us, as college advisors, it is a frantic time packed with students and reading of essays. During this time of year, for the past twenty years, I have been encouraging, badgering...
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Wonder what our Development Team is up to?

From the beginning, our team has worked tirelessly to create a platform with extreme value.  We wanted to bring you a system that would gather important data and enhance your work with your students.  GuidedPath helps keeps your students organized,...
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Liberal Arts Education- Is it Outdated?

Social Media director.  Director of Customer Success.  Intellectual Property Attorney.  How many  other jobs did not exist 10, or even 5 years ago?  Preparing for jobs that have not been thought of yet, is why a liberal arts education is needed...
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