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Engaging Student Series: Juniors: Part 1 (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

How do you find sanity amongst the chaos in the junior year?  View this webinar to learn: Five tips for keeping your sanity during the start of the Junior year Kaetlyn’s Tips: from a student perspective Assignments you can give to juniors and...
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College Affordability: 2 Case Studies to Inspire You

Wondering how to determine a family’s financial profile? Where a family may find their best sources of aid? How to build a smart college list to include college afforability? Interested in seeing the outcomes of real students? Join two experienced...
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Engaging Students Series: Sophomores (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

Make the sophomore year count. Learn how to guide sophomores in exploring colleges, maximize test scheduling and ace college visits using GuidedPath and other counseling practices: Find My Spark:  A personality survey for students to take College Styles:...
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