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Simple Ways to Help Families Reduce College Costs

Lynn, a journalist on money matters, shares effective ways to help families make the cost of college more manageable. Learn how to identify the major sources of college money and how to determine how to be eligible for this assistance. Learn how a family...
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Engaging Students Series : Seniors Part 1 (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

Senior year is filled with anxiety and angst regarding all things college.  Help alleviate some stress for your students, and sleep better at night yourself, by using our comprehensive, online platform. This presentation is the first in a three part...
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Engaging Students Series: Juniors Part 2 (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

Part of our ongoing presentation series to promote engaging your students using GuidedPath at all grades levels. In this presentation, we cover the following principles and tools you can use to engage your juniors. This presentation covers: -Using select...
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My Three Favorite Newly Added Features In GuidedPath

It’s now been 10 days since we released the new version of GuidedPath and we’ve already been getting great reviews! Several customers wrote in to say how much they appreciated the updates and we even heard that students are loving the new interface....
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Helping Families Conquer College Costs

When first setting out on their college search, many families don’t consider, nor do they know how to determine, how much they can actually afford to pay for college—resulting in excessive debt. Join Frank Palmasani, creator of the Financial Fit program...
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Who Wants to be a Millionaire- A Financial Aid Game

Understanding and navigating the financial aid process can be daunting! Using a game format from “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, Cyndy McDonald, a leading expert on college affordability, will give parents, students and counselors an understanding...
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