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Engaging Students: Seniors Part 3

Engaging Seniors Part 3 is the last of a 3 part series of webinars featuring ideas on how to engage seniors through the end of their college planning process in the senior year. The content on this webinar includes: -Recording admission decisions -Comparing...
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Part 2: Determine Academic Eligibility & Level of Athletic Competition

I always start my college recruiting list-making process by evaluating a student-athlete’s academic eligibility and possible levels of athletic competition. I take a broad approach when creating this initial recruiting list to ensure that my student-athletes...
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Part 1: Assess the Student-Athlete’s Priorities

It’s spring!  Students are busy playing their sport and dreaming of going on to play at college.  What goes into helping a student athlete accomplish their dream? Our guest blogger, Katie Andersen of College Fit specializes in working with student...
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Engaging Students Series : Seniors Part 2 (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

Senior year is filled with anxiety and angst regarding all things college. Help alleviate some stress for your students, and sleep better at night yourself, by using our comprehensive, online platform. This presentation is the second in a three part...
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