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Finding Best Fit Colleges Now Made Easier With MY MATCHES

Finding the right college can be just like finding the pair of jeans. You are looking for one that looks good, feels good, and “fits” you best.  So too, is the college search.  Finding the college that feels good to you and fits you best...
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GuidedPath’s Dynamic Search and Compare Tool Has New Save Feature

Doing a search on GuidedPath has just gotten easier and more dynamic. Now, not only can you do a comprehensive, detailed search at the touch of a button, but you can share the outcome with others through our new features, SAVED SEARCHES. The GuidedPath...
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Catch Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

It seems too soon with summer in full sway,  but it is not too early to plan for fall college counseling conferences!  Professional conferences are a preferred way to build upon your professional expertise, connect with colleagues and meet new ones!...
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College Counseling Certificates and Certification

Certificates- All Online Almost! The recent webinar, “The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building A College Consulting Practice“, generated a lot of discussion about professional development opportunities.  How does one go about learning how...
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