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Admissions Game Changers: ACT and SAT

How can you make informed decisions regarding the major changes in the works to the SAT, PSAT and ACT? How should your students structure their testing plan, considering the new options on the horizon? What does the Common Core realignment of the assessments...
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New ACT & SAT Score Formats added to GuidedPath!

The revised ACT and SAT tests with newly formatted scores will be landing in student emails and mailboxes shortly. As these new test scores are available, you need a place to record them in their new format. GuidedPath has you covered! We added new test...
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Changing Landscape of College Admissions- NEW Webinar Series Launched

2015 promises to be a banner year in the world of college admissions.  With major changes to the SAT, minor changes to the ACT, launch of a new college application type, monumental changes to the financial aid process, increased emphasis on student transitions,...
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The Myths About Gap Years

It’s high season for college applications. Students are polishing off college essays, waiting on final test scores, pushing for that last GPA point. Meanwhile, parents are biting their nails and wrestling with financial aid forms. So let’s talk about...
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