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The Admissions Game: 2020 and Beyond FAQ’s

The recent interview between Cyndy McDonald and Peter VanBuskirk generated a number of  insightful questions about admissions practices and how to guide students to find the best fit.  If you missed the interview, you can catch it on Cyndy’s blog....
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Interview with Peter VanBuskirk: The Admissions Game: 2020 and Beyond

What does it take move the ball down to the finish line in the college admissions game? Peter VanBuskirk wrote about this challenge in his book, “Winning The College Admission Game: Strategies for Students and Parents.” In our interview, we...
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GuidedPath’s Innovative New Student Categories Take Advising to a New Level of Service

Sound Familiar? Meet my student Abby.  Like many high school students, Abby has a lot going on.  She plays 3 sports during the year.  She wants to play soccer in college. She is not sure what she wants to study in college, but she is leaning toward...
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Managing Essays the Prompt Way in GuidedPath (Part 2)

The Prompt team shared more details about managing essays through Prompt. This webinar shares an in depth review of Prompt’s updated essay review tools. With Prompt, you can offer professional essay review, saving time and money.   This is part...
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Managing Essays the Prompt Way in GuidedPath

Managing essays through Prompt streamlines the process for both advisor and students. What is in store for the next application season? Prompt’s software helps you easily manage the essay writing process and saves you hours per student. In this webinar,...
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