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Austin City Limits- Meet us Here!

Join us in Austin! You watch our interviews and webinars.  We talk to you online and in support.  Let’s put faces with voices!  We will  be at the IECA conference April 25-27, 2018.  Please come by to see us!  Catch us in the following places:...
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Kickstart Student Essays with EssayDog

The thought of writing essays for college applications can strike fear into the hearts of students and parents alike. Howard Reichman and Teddy Barnes of EssayDog show how the essay writing process can be likened to scriptwriting, and how applying the...
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The Positive Side of Social Media in College Admissions

There are two sides to the social media debate, but which one is better for students to follow? Staying away from social media, or embracing it? We posed this question and many more to Alan Katzman, who advocates students embrace social media and make...
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How to Write Better Supplemental Essays in 15 Minutes (Yes, Really)

Ethan Sawyer unveils brand new resources developed for helping students write better supplements. He’ll offer a sneak peek at his brand new courses for counselors, which start on May 1. He made a special live offer to Guided Path users.  This offer...
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