The concept of having an online, college planning platform was founded by GuidedPath. From our beginnings in 2005, GuidedPath has grown to a worldwide leader in college and career planning. Serving independent educational consultants, schools, non-profit groups, GuidedPath is a tool students use, parents appreciate, and professionals can rely on. From the innovative five-step college planning process to interviews with leaders and experts, GuidedPath continues to lead the way professionally.


Cyndy McDonald, President

Cyndy McDonald is a recognized leader in both college counseling profession and educational technology. She has over twenty-five years of experience assisting students with college planning, both as a school counselor and as a successful independent educational consultant. Throughout her career, Cyndy has mentored many school counselors and independent educational consultants. Currently, Cyndy teaches classes in the UCLA online college counseling certificate program. Cyndy is also the founder of Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), a professional membership organization for independent educational consultants. She serves as an active member of several professional organizations: NCAG, AICEP, NACAC, IECA, WACAC and HECA. Cyndy has a Masters in Education, with an emphasis on counseling. Cyndy is a woman entrepreneur in technology, having founded the first online college counseling tool. A first generation college student herself, with years of experience presenting to students and teachers alike, Cyndy is available for speaking engagements on issues related to first generation and under-represented students, college admissions, educational consulting, technology entrepreneurship.  Watch an interview with Cyndy done by Ethan Lin, of channel CCR, about being a Trend Setter in Education.


Ron Krubeck, Chief Architect

Ron Krubeck is a talented technology leader with over thirty years of experience in the software industry. Ron was employee #18 at Sybase and helped the company to grow to over 1000 employees. Ron co-founded and led the technology side of Requisite Inc.; the leading provider of requirements management software. (Requisite was eventually sold to Rational Software.) Ron has also held executive leadership positions in several other enterprises ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Ron has a BA in Mathematics with a Computer Science option from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Andrea Lindquist, Senior Product Manager

Andrea brings her technical computer background and her experience working with High School students in the college application process to our team. Andrea spent her early programming years as an officer in the United States Air Force, followed by software testing at IBM. Her years as the Post-Graduate Coordinator at a nationally acclaimed High School solidified her desire to help students get into their best fit college. Andrea has a Masters in Computer Information Systems from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Systems Analysis from Miami University, Ohio.


Jo-Ann Beserra, Strategy Advisor

Jo-Ann’s background in both software technology and college consulting combines two perspectives that compliment each other to help define college planning strategies for the future. Her goal is to remove barriers for students, especially under represented students, as they pursue affordable colleges and an education to launch them into a viable, successful career. Jo-Ann has a masters in computer information systems from the University of Denver and certificate in educational consulting from the University of California Irvine. Professional experience has included software engineering, product management, consulting and two CEO positions. In addition to her passion for college education, she enjoys many Colorado outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, playing the cello and loves spending time with her family.