Added Features! Find My Spark Profile Entry and New PreACT

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Available Now!  Use Student Profile to record student Myers-Briggs survey results.
If you have students with current survey results from Myers-Briggs like inventories, now you can add those results directly into your student profile in GuidedPath.  These results will be used in the Find My Spark survey and Guided Search results in GuidedPath.
In the student’s profile, Click Edit in the upper right corner.  Scroll down to the Academic Section, choose the appropriate personality code in the dropdown menu and then click save in the upper right corner.
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Why use Find My Spark or other Myer-Briggs type inventories?
​A personality assessment such as the Find My Spark ™ college survey is an excellent method for helping students discover their better developed personality characteristics and preferred learning style. These are usually more stable and lasting than interests, which are fluid and often change over time. When advising students about college selection, advisors already take into consideration students’ academic abilities, interests and extra-curricular activities. In addition, a personality assessment can help the advisor and the student choose good schools, majors and careers that fit a student’s natural tendencies. By knowing the student’s personality and by understanding what type of experience colleges offer, advisors will be able to discern how a student likes to be helped and what type of college the student would likely prefer.​

Find My Spark results allow you to use GuidedSearch to find colleges that match a specific College Style.

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Read more about the Find My Spark survey in the GuidedPath knowledgebase.




GuidedPath added the newest test – the PreACT™ to our system.   We’re ready for the fall! 

ACT announced the launch of PreACT™, a 10th grade multiple-choice assessment that helps students prepare for the experience of taking the ACT® test and provides information regarding their future performance on the exam. The new test will be available to schools, districts and states starting in the fall.



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