Adding Punch to College Application Plans

fight-306372_640GuidedPath has given the entire application planning process a one-two punch!  We have created a powerful, yet easy to use, college planning process. Using Default Application Milestones has always made setting up college applications a cinch, and now we are punching it up even more!  What changes have been made?

 Change to College Based Application Plans

Now application plans can be COLLEGE based, not just STUDENT based. What does this mean to you?

  • Set up an application plan for any college or set of colleges.
  • Add colleges with application plans to a student list.
  • The application plan is there and already to use immediately.

See article College Application Specific Milestones for directions and details.

Leverage Application Planning for Other Colleges

This new feature allows you to swiftly and easily create application plan milestones for any number of colleges, with the new COPY function.

  • Copy application plans to another college. Use one application plan for similar schools
  • Copy application plans to a tagged list. Leverage this powerful feature to save you time.

One-Two Punch Examples

Use the new College Specific Application Plans to create plans for:

  • Systems of colleges: University of California, Texas Public Schools, etc.
  • Special Types of applications: International Students, Honors, Performing Arts.
  • Shared Characteristics: Early Action, Self-reported Transcript Schools, Subject Tests.

The new COLLEGE SPECIFIC MILESTONES feature will save hours of your time, help you save money and make you look great! What could be beat that as a combination one-two punch!