Counselors are given an inside look into college admissions.

American College Admissions- Down & Dirty: Now Available (Counselor version)

Many claim the current American college admissions process is either cured or cursed. Which is it? Rankings, strategic enrollment management and other factors have contributed to the current stage of American college admissions. How have these factors affected higher education recruitment? What does the future hold? Peter VanBuskirk, author and speaker, and former director of admissions, shares his thoughts on the current status of American college admissions, and how students/parents can navigate the current admissions landscape to find best fit colleges.

Counselors who attended the webinar said:

              -“Excellent information! Thanks for having Peter share this with us.”

             -“In all my years of counseling, I have never heard this topic addressed so well.  Thank you!”

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The Down & Dirty About College Admission Process from GuidedPath


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