And the Answer Is?

On Friday, March 27 was GuidedPath’s very first open forum. We expected a handful of people to be interested. We had almost 200 register, and over 100 attend. So exciting to have the community come together so solidly. It also demonstrates the need we all have for information right now. Questions were thoughtful and covered a wide range of topics.  Polls were created, based on questions sent in before the forum, to gauge how juniors, seniors, and parents were holding up under these trying circumstances.  Questions about managing your practice during these uncertain times were posed as well.


So many questions we are all wondering about do not have answers, yet.  The issues about testing, May deposit deadlines, and other will be answered in a few weeks.  Other questions, about the impact on juniors and colleges, may take months, or even years, to have clear answers.  It was very helpful at Friday’s Forum to share questions, thoughts and inspire each other as we try to navigate this uncertain time.  Below is a summary of the questions posed during the forum.


What are seniors wondering most about?

  1. Will school start in the fall? Students and parents are worried that they won’t be able to start on  campus in the fall.
  2. Should I go far away from home? Both domestic and international students are worried about going too far away.
  3. Do I have to make a decision and deposit by May 1?

What are parents wondering most about?

  1. My income is down, how do I tell the college?
  2. My assets are reduced, how do I tell the college?


What are advisors wondering most about?


  1. Will it be easier for students to come off waitlists this year?
  2. Will more colleges extend May 1 deadlines?
  3. How will colleges handle parent income or asset reductions?
  4. Will colleges count online classes taken as Pass/Fail?
  5. What if the students are not able to take tests?
  6. Will colleges waive standardized test requirements?
  7. Will the scholarships based on standardized test scores be changed?
  8. How will different systems, such as UCAS, University of California, etc accommodate the lack of test scores.


  1. How do I put together a college list without test scores or other data?
  2. How do I manage meeting with students all virtually?
  3. What can students do in the next few months to differentiate themselves as a rising senior?
  4. What is the best way to counsel students/families about test optional choices next year?
  5. How will colleges adjust financial aid offers, both for incoming students and rising seniors?

Forum Questions and Comments

A list of the questions and comments is available here:  Questions from GuidedPath Forum


College Admissions Tools:  from NACAC.  Colleges will post changes to May 1 deposit dates here.

Higher Education News:  Inside Higher Education and The Chronicle of Higher Education

Future Forums by Cyndy McDonald

The need for weekly updates on this ever evolving situation was clear from the response received on Friday.  Since more online meetings would be beneficial to the community, Cyndy McDonald has agreed to host them through her own website,  The Friday News Update Forum will launch on Friday, April 10.  It will be a weekly forum summarizing the college admissions updates for the week.  Registration is now open.

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The questions we received prior to the forum were used to create polls of how students were feeling and advisors were feeling.  The polls were very helpful in gauging how everyone is doing- our students- our parents- and ourselves!  Hope you find the recording illuminating!