Application season is almost here!

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks on Tuesday.  And never mind the fact that it’s still 90+ degrees outside – it’s fall!  Time for pumpkin-spice everything, sweaters, football – and College Applications!!

Application Plans in GuidedPath can keep everyone (students, parents, even you!) running smoothly this fall.  If you haven’t already explored this tool, Application Plans allow you to set a group of milestones for each school on your student’s college list. These milestones help your students stay organized and complete all the tasks for each application on time!

With Application Plans, you can

  • Create a plan for each student and each college on their list
  • Set custom milestones for a college or group of colleges
  • Send reminders for key milestones
  • Track your students’ progress

The video below gives you an overview of Application Plans to you get started. Or, you can read more about Application plans in our Knowledgebase.

In addition to creating individual application plans for each of your students, GuidedPath gives you the ability to create a set of college specific milestones for a particular college or group of colleges.  This college specific plan can be applied to every student with that school on their college list, saving you time and effort.

This video walks you through creating a set of college specific milestones. Or you can read more here.

Happy College Planning!

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