Are Students and Colleges Headed into a Collision Course Soon?

The numbers of students is diminishing. The cost of education is going up. What are colleges doing to prepare for the future? This topic was recently covered in an interview with the president of Western Association for College Admissions Counseling (WACAC), Marc McGee (Director of Admissions for California Maritime Academy), with Cyndy McDonald.

Future Demographics

Projections show the number of high school graduates has reached a plateau. Traditionally, colleges have been counting on an increasing number of graduating high school seniors to fill seats and drive educational decisions. The Knocking At The College Door report (WICHE, December 2016 ) published these key projections:

  • “Fewer high school graduates in all of the 10 graduating classes between 2014-2023.”
  • “Increased in private school graduates through 2018, then potential decline up to 12 percent by 2025.”
  • “Catholic schools still enroll a majority of private school students, but their proportion is decreasing….there is wide variation by state.”

Knocking At the College Door

Learn more about upcoming trends in higher education, student population, and more. Data, reports and profiles for all 50 states in the US are available on the site.

Knocking at the College Door

Colleges Avoiding Collision

Colleges in regions of the country where the number of graduating seniors is stagnant or decreasing, are looking at their options for the future. This was the topic covered in our interview with Marc McGee. He brought up a number of ways colleges are adapting to meet future demands.

Interview with Marc McGee