Are you like me?

  • Morning Coffee
Are you like me? When you get up in the morning, do you wonder:
  • Who is on my schedule to meet with today?
  • Which students are late in assignments I have given them?
  • What is my action list?
  • What message or work is necessary today for my class of 2018 or 2020? Or?

This is always how I start my day- trying to figure out my starting point.  Now, GuidedPath offers a solution for kick starting your day.

Advisor HomePage

GuidedPath announces a new Advisor HomePage, to bring you answers to these and many more questions.  The new Advisor Homepage will transform how you manage your practice. It is designed to:

  • give you more visibility into your practice
  • manage tasks easily for all your students
  • view and manage your schedule
  • easily designate groups of students to work with

Winning Combination