Newsletter and Website Launch Announcement

balloonsAugust is always an exciting time of year.  It signals the beginning of  a new school year for many students and adults.  For GuidedPath, it signals the launch of our new website and newsletter!  Being launched this week, the Guided Path newsletter will be published once a month.  It will have articles and information relevant to college and career planning.  Look for articles submitted by experts in our field.  Join us for an insight into Kaetlyn’s jouney as a senior, in her recurring Hidden Gems articles, guest posts, and more.  Bringing you information you can use, when you need it, is our goal.
We will publish our newsletter once a month, and announce it with an email in your box on the second Thursday of each month.  Send us suggestions for topics or training resources you need.

Each Newsletter collection will include six columns:
-Kim’s blog:  updates on best practices, features and more
– Cyndy’s blog:  articles, tips, and tools for college and career admissions
– Upcoming events: webinar topics and interesting people
-Partner Highlights- resources we believe in and want you to know more about too
– and more!

Enjoy! And celebrate with us!

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