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We usually don’t complete our annual data update in GuidedPath until September. But we are so excited about this year that we couldn’t wait! We are thrilled to announce that colleges are finally reporting their data using the new SAT score format. This means that you will see the SAT section of the My Chances graph will return to the 200-800 scales that we all understand. HOORAY – We have been waiting for this data for over 2 years!

Here are highlights of this year’s data update.

Updated SAT Test Scores!
For the last two years, colleges have had a difficult time knowing what to do with the new SAT scores.  They have been reporting their admissions statistics using the old SAT score format, sub-score ranges and percentiles.  Finally, colleges are providing their SAT data using the “new” 2016 score format with Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math sections.  All SAT scores in GuidedPath will now be using this fresh data.

New My Chances Data
The new SAT score format means that the My Chances section will once again show the SAT sections using a 200-800 scale.  No more sub-scores – Hooray!  Students and parents will have a much clearer understanding of how My Chances relates the student’s scores to that of the college!  In addition, you will see the new score format on the college profiles as well. These updated SAT Comparison scales will save you time and give you that professional edge. Learn more about My Chances.

New ACT/SAT concordance tables
Although the SAT changed their test format over two years ago, it took until in June 2018 for the ACT and College Board to release the new OFFICIAL test score concordance tables.  These new concordance tables are now in GuidedPath.  View them in action in the My Score Comparisons in the Tests section of GuidedPath.  Now when you look at the student’s ACT and SAT scores, you have the most recent data needed to give an accurate comparison score.

More Improvements
We’ve added the middle 50% test score ranges to the score distribution charts for ease of interpretation.  Although the My Chances graph has always shown the middle 50% range, we thought that spelling it out in the score distribution chart would be helpful.  And just in time for application plans, you will find update admission date and deadlines along with updated membership information for the Common Application and the Coalition Application.  

Why Update Data?
GuidedPath does an annual data update to provide you with the most accurate information for your students and families. Data on some other online tools can be 2-3 years old (especially if using IPEDS data). Having current data gives you the information you need at your fingertips when you need it most.

Wintergreen Orchard House Data
GuidedPath uses Wintergreen Orchard House as our data provider.  Wintergreen Orchard House surveys colleges and institutions annually to collect admission statistics, ACT/SAT ranges, GPA’s, majors, sports, financial aid awards and more. We work hard with Wintergreen Orchard House to review and verify the accuracy of the data.

What Else Should You Know About Data?
GuidedPath and our partners do everything possible to have the most accurate data possible.

  • If our most recent update causes one of your student’s application plans to have a date that differs from the most recent data we have, you will see a notice displayed in the applications plans.  Clicking on edit will allow you to update those dates.
  • As colleges do make date changes periodically, you should still check dates on college websites.  Let us know about any colleges with new or changed admissions dates.  We update the dates so you don’t have to manually upload or manage the dates.
We hope you are as happy about this data refresh as we are!
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