Bright, shiny new, data!

  • Shiny and new

Who doesn’t like bright, shiny new things?  We all do!  For GuidedPath, it means bright, shining, new data! The annual update of data is now complete within GuidedPath. As you direct students and families in the college planning process, and guide students in their application progress, you can breathe easier knowing GuidedPath provides data critical to the work you do.

Why Update Data?

You rely on data to provide accurate and current information to students and families. In college admissions, data even a year old is outdated. Data on other online tools is often 2-3 years old. Having current data gives you the information you need at your fingertips when you need it most.  Trust GuidedPath to provide you with the most recent data updates!

Wintergreen Orchard House Data

GuidedPath uses Wintergreen Orchard House data. This information is collected from each school annually at the end of the school year. Admission numbers, ACT/SAT ranges, GPA’s, financial aid figures and more are collected and updated within our GuidedPath college planning software.

College Application Deadlines:  No need to download dates or pull from a second source. Dates are included for all application types: Early Action, Early Decision, Restrictive Early Action, and more.

College Profiles: Check out current data on over 2800 schools from US, Canada, and more. From school information all the way to videos about the school. Include notes about the college, and generate discussion about the college – all within college profiles.

My Chances: Students can gain a clearer understanding of how their test scores compare to students at each college. Learn more about My Chances.

Updated FAFSA:  The FAFSA tables are updated every fall, in preparation for the next year’s financial aid cycle, which takes off on October 1. We have it NOW! Our team has already included the updates for 2018-19 in the EFC Calculator.

What Else Should You Know About Data?

GuidedPath and our partners do everything possible to have the most accurate data possible.

  • If our most recent update causes one of your student’s application plans to have a date that differs from the most recent data we have, you will see a notice displayed in the applications plans.  Clicking on edit will allow you to update those dates.
  • As colleges do make date changes periodically, you should still check dates on college websites.  Let us know about any colleges with new or changed admissions dates.  We update the dates so you don’t have to manually upload or manage the dates.