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Kickstart Student Essays with EssayDog

The thought of writing essays for college applications can strike fear into the hearts of students and parents alike. Howard Reichman and Teddy Barnes of EssayDog show how the essay writing process can be likened to scriptwriting, and how applying the...
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GuidedPath’s Innovative New Student Categories Take Advising to a New Level of Service

Sound Familiar? Meet my student Abby.  Like many high school students, Abby has a lot going on.  She plays 3 sports during the year.  She wants to play soccer in college. She is not sure what she wants to study in college, but she is leaning toward...
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Convenient Cloud Document Feature added to GuidedPath

Managing documents, sharing documents, reading documents- we do it all!  This is why GuidedPath has added a new feature: Cloud Document sharing. Custom Advisor Links As an advisor, customize your new “My Cloud Storage” link to point to your...
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Social Media: Blessing or Curse?

Social Media: Blessing or Curse?   Cautions abound regarding teen’s use of social media. Can teens use social media in an effective and positive way? In this Affiliate webinar, Alan Katzman, of Social Assurity, shares how social media can help...
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Don’t Get Lost in the Translation!

German. Portuguese. Russian. Chinese. Punjabi. Urdu. Arabic….  So many languages spoken across the world and in our own neighborhoods.  Students come from across all continents with dreams of attending college in the United States, Canada, United...
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Bright, shiny new, data!

  • Shiny and new
Who doesn’t like bright, shiny new things?  We all do!  For GuidedPath, it means bright, shining, new data! The annual update of data is now complete within GuidedPath. As you direct students and families in the college planning process, and guide...
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