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Working on 2017-18 College Essays? We can help!

Are you getting ready to work with your students on their college essays, including the new Common App essays that just came out last week? GuidedPath is making it easier for you to start engaging your students early on writing personal statements. Through...
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Introducing GuidedPath’s NEW Decisions Dashboard

New Decisions Dashboard Now, adding college decisions in GuidedPath is easy and fast, using the new Quick Accept feature. As the leading online college planning software, GuidedPath is leading the way into 2017. The new Decisions dashboard features: At...
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Christmas Comes Early to GuidedPath Users with New Majors and Degrees Feature

  • Christmas comes early!
Announcing an early Christmas present for all GuidedPath users or those interested in college planning software.  We are excited to announce we have added another new, groundbreaking feature to GuidedPath: Majors and Degrees. Thank our software developers...
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Making it All Yours with New Custom Menu Feature

Working on my website recently,  I thought, “This would be great to add to GuidedPath”.  It is a scheduler for appointments. I have it on my website for new customers.  Yet, it would be so much better if my current students (or parents)...
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Adding Pizzazz to College Planning- The GuidedPath Way!

See what all the excitement is about! GuidedPath has added Pizzazz to college planning with new dashboards and user tools. Cyndy McDonald, an expert in college admissions, and the President of GuidedPath, introduces the new GuidedPath features, with...
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Surveys – New Dashboard

Surveys are a great tool for gathering information about your students and families, allowing students to record their courses and activities and viewing the results of the EFC Calculator, College Match and Find My Spark. GuidedPath has 10 surveys available...
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