Christmas Comes Early to GuidedPath Users with New Majors and Degrees Feature

  • Christmas comes early!

Announcing an early Christmas present for all GuidedPath users or those interested in college planning software.  We are excited to announce we have added another new, groundbreaking feature to GuidedPath: Majors and Degrees. Thank our software developers who have been busy getting this ready for you just in time for the new year!  Using trusted and current data,  you can now find all the majors your students and parents are interested in!

Enhanced College Information Page Now Includes Majors & Degrees.
Students want to know what majors and degrees are offered at colleges they are considering.  What if they change their mind about a certain major at a university they are attending?  What degrees are offered?  This information is now readily available on the newly, enhanced college information page in GuidedPath.  Use the new Majors  tab to see

  • Fields of Study
  • Most Popular Majors
  • Specific majors, from A-Z
  • Degree offered: Certificate, Associate, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate

Use this information for planning your full college journey, from certificate to doctorate!


Expanded Search Now Includes Majors.
The powerful GuidedPath Search has been expanded to include majors. Instead of just using Field of Study, now you can:

  • Explore broad fields with multiple majors within such as Biology, Engineering, Communications
  • Find specific majors such as Animal Genetics or Music Pedagogy
  • Organize by areas of interest such as Multi-cultural Studies or International Relations
  • Combine more factors in a search such as location, athletics, financial aid or social experience.

The outcome is a the most comprehensive search report available.  It is more powerful than anything offered in Big Future, College Navigator or Princeton Review.


Save and Name Your Search.
You can name and save your search, making it a one touch process you can come back to repeatedly.  No need to spend time resetting the same search over and over again. This is one of the many time saving features GuidedPath offers.

Take it for a Spin.
As a GuidedPath user, you will want to explore the new Majors feature now! Log in and click on Andy Awesome, your sample student.  Look at Majors and degrees offered at the colleges on his list.  Do a search and compare of majors.

Not a GuidedPath User?
If you aren’t a GuidedPath user yet, now is the time to start a new GuidedPath account.  Try out GuidedPath FREE for 30 days now.  See what all the buzz is about!