Corsava CounselorPro with Cafe – A Counselor’s Dream Come

Today we had the pleasure of announcing Corsava CounselorPro to GuidedPath users—an innovative tool to help build college lists for students. The new beta version of the Corsava Café offers Corsava CounselorPro users an easy way to research colleges, share college impressions and comments, and view recommendations based on your students’ Corsava card sorts.

Anne Wager, Corsava Founder and CEO
What Does Corsava Offer?

Corsava gives your students a way to discover what is important to them in a college, focusing on aspects of college they may never have considered yet are key to their success. Students sort their Corsava cards and determine what it is important to them in a college—from educational and campus culture to residential life, academics, support, and more. Your students’ Must Have choices then appear automatically in the Café with a recommended list of colleges that fit their preferences. 

Where Do Recommendations Come From?

Recommendations are based on impressions given by other approved independent and school counselors within the Café (now over 250 strong) and your own impressions, if you have shared them. You can choose to sort lists by fit and by admit rates, allowing you to explore a range of selectivity rather than just those based on a GPA (very school dependent) and score (more and more optional). We took a unique approach here, knowing that many students are admitted if their fit is great, outside a narrow band of numbers. 

How Does Corsava Help List Building?

Corsava was founded to provide us all with a collaborative, meaningful way to think about what matters most to our students and build better lists. We finally have a way to demonstrate to families that just because a college is more selective or lands higher in the rankings does not mean it is going to be the best fit! Now the fun part starts as we share our collective knowledge and focus on what we all know makes a great fit for our students. 

What Are Corsava’s Key Features?

There are many excellent features of Corsava. Here are some key features you’ll want to explore:

  • View by college, card, or student
  • Research an individual card or filter by multiple cards (i.e. film programs, internships, access to professors) and see which colleges are highly rated 
  • Sort by fit and admit rates
  • See what other counselors and students have to say about a particular college
  • View college recommendations based on your students’ Must Have results
  • Test out the college recommendations with some of your students and give your own college impressions to improve the results
  • Set thresholds on admit rates to return best-fit colleges within a specific range for your students
  • Must Have and Would Be Nice card results displayed for recommendations
  • Ability to modify card preferences and display alternative lists in Café without impacting the actual card sort
  • See new information coming in every day
  • Add your impressions of colleges you have recently visited or know well. The more we all share our impressions, the better the recommendations! 
  • Filter by geography 
Do You Have A Special Offer to GuidedPath Subscribers?

As a GuidedPath user, you are eligible for a very special discount on Corsava Counselor Cafe. You must act by August 31, 2019, to lock in the following offer: 

  • Automatic approval to access the Café
  • During the beta-testing period this fall, free access to Corsava CounselorPro and Café for Corsava Cloud customers
  • 50% off the annual Corsava CounselorPro subscription price of $149 once the product is launched
  • Counselors who sign up through this promotion will receive a notification once Corsava CounselorPro is out of beta and goes live. There is no obligation to purchase. 

Make a difference now and for the future by joining the launch of the Corsava Counselor Cafe. There is no obligation to purchase. There is an opportunity to benefit your students and build your practice!

Counselor Cafe is an exciting new development by Corsava.

Learn more about Corsava and the Counselor Cafe from Anne Wager and Ernie Booth. This webinar was recorded to give you more information and answer questions about this exciting new project!