Creating Sparks with Exciting News

 When flint hits steel, sparks fly and light erupts. Each element by itself is beautiful, but combined they create sparks. It’s a synergy that cannot be matched by either element alone. The recent merger of PlanMyCollege and GuidedPath is creating sparks.  Each company separately has made great accomplishments.  By merging together, the potential is unlimited. Synergy happening.


GuidedPath- Leading the Way

The concept of having an online, college planning platform was founded by GuidedPath. From their beginnings in 2005, GuidedPath has grown to a worldwide leader in college and career planning.  Serving independent educational consultants, schools, non-profit groups, GuidedPath is a tool students use, parents appreciate, and professionals can rely on.  GuidedPath broke barriers again in 2015 when GuidedPath Edge was launched.It is a tool dedicated to students and parents, giving consumers affordable access to professional college planning. From the innovative five step college planning process to interviews with leaders and experts, GuidedPath continues to lead the way professionally.

PlanMyCollege- Connecting Families and Professionals

PlanMyCollege is a fast-growing, college planning service community. PlanMyCollege is dedicated to helping families succeed in planning for college and beyond. Students and parents turn to PlanMyCollege to see expert answers to their college questions, to access guidance in the process through the PlanMyCollege planner, and to find expert services to guide them in getting to college.  Educational professionals turn to PlanMyCollege as a platform to share their expertise and market their services to families who have a need.

The new GuidedPath/PlanMyCollege

GuidedPath and PlanMyCollege are once again breaking new ground by introducing a new concept to the college counseling profession.  Together, a complete circle has been built from marketing to management.  Private companies, schools and organizations can demonstrate their expertise through the innovative channels PlanMyCollege offers, finding new students to serve.  Managing the new students is made seamless through the management tools of GuidedPath. Reaching more potential students and managing current students easily is the spark the merger of PlanMyCollege and GuidedPath offers. Synergy happening.