Creating the perfect support ticket


Our support team loves to solve your questions and problems.  We gets kicks out of making your day better, reducing frustration, and helping you be better at what you do!  Sending us the perfect request allows us to solve your problems even faster and help you even more.  When you are sending us your request, it might help you to imagine being on the other side.  What does someone need to know to get exactly what you see up on their screen?  Put on your imaginary support superhero cape and you’ll be headed straight to creating the perfect support ticket.

But what makes up a perfect ticket?  Here are some helpful tips:

  1.  Tell us everything you did leading up to seeing a problem or question.  The first thing our team is going to do, is close everything down and do exactly what we think you are doing starting from logging in.  The more information you provide us, the more likely we will be able to walk in your mouse clicks.  Let us know everything you did to get to the screen where you have a question or see an issue.
  2.  Include screenshots.  Sometimes words aren’t enough and we know that.  Sending us a picture of what you see is often super helpful.
  3. Provide account details.  If you are asking a question about a student include the name of the student.  If you are asking about your account, help us understand which advisors are experiencing the issue.  If it’s a parent who’s having an issue, don’t forget to tell us who their student is.  Identifying information helps reduce the number of questions we will ask you.
  4. Find your browser type and version.  Some things appear different or work differently depending on how you are accessing GuidedPath.  It’s important to let us know what browser you are using (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and the browser version.  You’ll want to make sure to keep your browser up to date to make sure things are working in tip-top condition.  Just like getting your oil changed on your car, updating your browser is a general maintenance task you’ll want to do periodically on your computer.
  5. Tell us if the problem is widespread.  If you are experiencing an issue, let us know if it’s happening to more than one student or more than one advisor.  This helps us understand if an issue is more critical.
  6. Help us understand what you expect to see.  If you are reporting that something isn’t working, make sure to tell us what you believe should happen.  This also helps us understand better.
  7. Don’t forget to say Thank You.  Our team lives for finding solutions, solving problems, and making your day.  Thank-yous really go a long way.  We work really hard and your respect, gratitude, and (virtual) smiles mean the world to us.

Have you had a great experience with our support team?  Let us know!  Send us an e-mail at (we love hearing from you)!



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