CSS Profile and Financial Milestones deadlines included in application plans & Task List update

CSS Profile and other Financial Milestones


The CSS Profile and financial requirements and deadlines for each school are provided in the Financial Aid section of the Information page. These will now be translated into the application plans so that you don’t have to look up the dates or requirements when tailoring application plans for your students.


If a school requires the CSS Profile and your organization has the CSS Profile milestones in the organization default application plan, then the college application plan created will now include the correct CSS Profile deadlines. This is true for the institutional, state and all international financial milestones as well. If no special deadline is provided by the school, then the deadline will be set to the same as the application deadline. If a school does not require the CSS Profile, or other financial milestone, then those milestones will not be included in the application plan.

Best practice is to include both the regular and priority CSS Profile milestones in your organization template. Similarly, include other financial milestones that your students regularly require. Go to My Account to check your default milestones by adding the milestones and be sure the save the updates on the table!



A Note on Existing Application Plans

This change will only affect the default settings for new application plans.   If you already have an application plan created, but want to pull in the CSS Profile milestone and deadline, you can use the “Reset to Defaults” button – or you can use the “Add New Milestone” button.  Please note, resetting your application plan will delete any additional milestones you have added or changed.

Hint on Updating Milestones Quickly

Multiple application plan milestones and progress can be updated or deleted at one time by selecting multiple rows before selecting Edit or Delete. This works both when setting up application plan details and on updating application progress.



Task List


The task list on a student’s dashboard will only show uncompleted tasks within the past 60 days.    This will allow students to focus on their most recent task list,  and keep aged tasks (that are ignored) off of their list.




Have you tried multi-select yet?   Save time & modify multiple milestones at once!   On each application plan, milestones can be selected to modify the “key” field.  To update the “key” field, select a single milestone with your mouse, or select multiple milestones by using CTRL-Click or SHIFT-Click.

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