Data is Power!

Big data is all the rage these days! Applied Math and Data Analytics are becoming trending majors and everyone is talking about making data driven decisions. But you don’t have to be statistician to use data. We’ve revamped GuidedPath Statistics to give you an at a glance summary of your students.


Here are a few examples of what you will find and how to use this data:

  • What schools are trending with your students? Where are they applying and getting admitted? Or better yet – where are they not getting admitted? Use this information to plan your own college tours and strengthen your relationships with admission staff at these schools.
  • How many applications are your students submitting and when do they apply (Early Decision or Regular Decision)? Get a better sense of your yearly workload and plan ahead for those crunch times.
  • What percentage of applications submitted are accepted? What’s the total of the scholarship awards your students are receiving? This is excellent bragging material for your website or promotional flyers you are using with prospective families.

School Counselors – do you dread compiling your class profile at the end of each year? We’ve practically done it for you on the Statistics page.


See for yourself! Start on your homepage by selecting the group of students you want to evaluate.

Once you’ve selected your students – click on Statistics on the left side.

By selecting different groupings, you can compare year over year data or compare categories of students within one application year. For example – are your admission rates improving each year? Do students who use your comprehensive set of services fair better than those who just get essay help?

If you are a data lover, you can link to a related and more detailed report using the report icons where you can drill down for even more information.

However, to get the great stats you need to add in your student data. Much of this information comes from the “My Decision Details” screen so be sure to update your students final details once they’ve heard back from their applications (or better yet – have them log in to GuidedPath and update those details for you).




Our goal is to help you improve your consulting practice by providing you tools for efficiency. We hope the Statistics page will give you the data you need to make the right choices for your practice and your students.

Happy College Planning!