Dear Audry- Read Your Discussions

Dear Audry;
Just an update for you and your mom, Alicia. I have worked on your college list, adding discussions for you and your parents to review in your GuidedPath account.  This tool in GuidedPath makes communicating about your college goals and finding a good fit college for you.

“Discussions” in GuidedPath are comments specifically about colleges on your My Colleges or Interested colleges list.  The discussions are fun and a valuable way to share information. You will see I have annotated many of the colleges on your list with several of the following types of discussions:

  • Descriptions and/or links to specific programs or majors at the college.
  • Information about the community surrounding the college.
  • Notes about the social life, including dorms.
  • Academic notes about teaching styles and class sizes.
  • Name and contact information for the college admissions counselor who covers your high school or region.
  • Details about the career center, internship or research opportunities.
  • Sports, clubs and Greek life presence on campus.
  • Information about safety, drug and alcohol policies.
  • Technology options on campus.
  • Thoughts and impressions from college visits.
  • Notes from calls or conversations with college personnel.
  • Contact information for the Athletic Director and several of the coaches.
  • Information on club and intramural sports offered on the campus.
  • Information about competitive programs- with admissions data you need.
  • Anything else I want you to know about this college
  • Why this college is a good fit for you.

Please review my comments and add to the discussions. You can tell me, through discussions:

  • Your thoughts after you watch a Tours video on the campus
  • Notes on the research you did on the campus.
  • List of friends or others you know on campus.
  • Track your contacts with the campus (for demonstrating your interest).
  • Who you talked to at your high school from the college.
  • Who’s business cards you picked up at the college fairs you have attended.
  • Questions you want to ask about the college in an upcoming interview.
  • The name of the college admissions officer who sent you an email.
  • A copy of the email sent by the college admissions officer!
  • Notes about your visit to the campus.
  • Your thoughts on the academic options.
  • Your thoughts on the social scene on campus.
  • Date and time you plan to do a college visit.
  • Anything else you want to remember about a college.
  • Why this college is a good fit for you.

I would encourage your parents to log in and join the discussions.  Together, we can dialogue about the college campuses, and what you are learning about them, and about yourself through this five step process we have embarked upon.

Discussions Now Front and Center
With the recent feature update, Discussions has taken center stage.  Discussions have been added to the College Dashboard to make it easier to view the most recent discussions on a college. Additionally, it is easy to differentiate between discussions for colleges on the My Colleges list (which shows a green icon) and the Interested Colleges list (which shows a blue icon).

Discussions in GuidedPath

Print Discussions
Discussions are now available to be viewed all in one location- and you can print this report.  This report is found under Reports on the left menu bar in a student’s record.

Best Practices
Shorten the amount of time you spend working on annotating college lists by using Discussions with your students.