Decisions Time!

It’s that exciting time of year when students have submitted all their November 1 applications and the to-do lists are dwindling down.  Soon it will be time to hear back and decide which school off the carefully crafted college list each student will attend. GuidedPath is here to help! Using the decisions tool has many benefits for both you and your students.

Record multiple responses from schools

Did your student get waitlisted and then accepted? Did they defer and then enroll? No problem! GuidedPath allows you to record as many responses as the school gives. You can also record notes. This means you’ll always have a full record for each school response.

Record Financial Aid Packages

Not all financial aid is created equal. GuidedPath allows you to record enter all the various forms of aid your student receives from grants (hooray!) to loans and/or work study. Make sure to get all those details so you can really understand the value of each offer. This also allows you to see financial trends at the colleges your students attend.

Use the Pros and Cons fields

Sometimes making these decisions is hard. Using the Pros and Cons fields can help you track each of the offers. These fields are great for analyzing financial aid offers in particular. Record notes comparing loans to grants as well as Cost of Attendance based on the offer. Don’t forget to refer back to your discussions in the college list tool to remember why the student originally added the school to their list. Is your student visiting a campus after having been admitted? Make sure they record their impressions.

Engage your students

If there’s one detail your students have down pat, it’s the date they are supposed to hear back from each school. Have your students enter these notification dates right into GuidedPath! They will then show on the student’s calendar.

Both you and your students can enter admissions decisions as they are notified, but we all know this is the time of year they are no longer focused on GuidedPath. One thing we have found to be useful is incentivizing your students to enter this information. Use group messaging to send your students an e-mail to let them know the first student to record all their decisions will win a Starbucks gift card. A small incentive can go a long way.

Analyze all your students acceptances using Group Mode

Recording all these decisions is worth the effort for a number of reasons. Once the data is in, use group mode to analyze decisions across all your students. This is a time to take a step back and see how you did. Group mode will let you see how many applicants you had to each school and if they were admitted. You can also see how many students you have attending each school.

Leverage your data next year

When next year rolls around, you may have a student with similar test scores and a similar background to one you worked with this year. Having your admissions information entered allows you to use a previous student’s acceptances to more accurately judge admissions expectations next year.  You can also use previous acceptances to look for overlap schools when building college lists for your Juniors.

Build you own alumni network

Do you have a student interested in a particular school and want to have them talk to a current student? Use the group analysis to see if you have any former students who are enrolled and may be interested in helping with a campus visit or exchanging a few e-mails. The more you data you have, the more you can leverage it.


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