Don’t Get Lost in the Translation!

German. Portuguese. Russian. Chinese. Punjabi. Urdu. Arabic….  So many languages spoken across the world and in our own neighborhoods.  Students come from across all continents with dreams of attending college in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or more.  Students come from across our communities, as first generation American students, sharing the same dreams.  Both share a common characteristic- English is their second language.

Foreign Language Usage On the Rise

According to data from NCES, over one million students from other countries come to the US to study.  In 2015-16, the number of students traveling to the US to study increased by 7.1%.  The number of International students now studying in the US is over 5% of the total undergraduate student population.  NCES also reports the number of ESL (English as a Second Language) students is on the rise.  Over nine percent of all public school students speak a language other than English in their homes.

Creating Access To Education Across All Cultures

The demand for educational counseling for these students is increasing. We see it everywhere we turn. The English proficiency of the students planning to attend school in the US or being raised in the US in second language families is sufficient for reading an English language website or using a tool written in English. These students’ parents, however, often have more limited English skills.  They want to know and understand what their children are working on.  Since the US educational system is often very different from their own educational experience, the level of stress and anxiety centered on the process increases.

Offering Google Translation through GuidedPath

Offering a translation through GuidedPath, on each page of our application, is a welcome solution for consultants working with students or parents from various English as a second language backgrounds, speaking all languages.  Using the Translate button is simple- just a click to open it- and a whole new world is opened up for students or parents, in their own language.

GuidedPath Leading the Way

GuidedPath has always supported International students and those who serve them. International students have their own profiles in GuidedPath.  They can view and select language tests to add to their schedules. College Profiles include an entire section on International students.  Students can search for colleges by percent of International students on campus.  Offering Google translate is the latest in our efforts to provide features supporting your work with International and ESL learners.