Engaging Students Series : Seniors Part 1 (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

Senior year is filled with anxiety and angst regarding all things college.  Help alleviate some stress for your students, and sleep better at night yourself, by using our comprehensive, online platform.

This presentation is the first in a three part series about working with seniors. As you prepare to work with upcoming (or even current) seniors, you will find these tools in GuidedPath will help you engage your students.

Agenda topics:

  • Surveys appropriate for seniors
  • Score Choice- GP Style
  • Using the compare tool on My Colleges or Interested Colleges
  • Activities for essay brainstorming
  • Engage students using online essays
  • Streamlining application plans using default milestones
  • Special features for International students

Led by Cyndy McDonald and the GuidedPath team.

Presentation: view presentation

Webinar recording:  watch recording

Guided Path Best Practices Webinar: Seniors Part 1 from GuidedPath

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