Engaging Students Series: Sophomores (A GuidedPath Best Practices Webinar)

Make the sophomore year count. Learn how to guide sophomores in exploring colleges, maximize test scheduling and ace college visits using GuidedPath and other counseling practices:

  1. Find My Spark:  A personality survey for students to take
  2. College Styles:  How colleges have styles that can be matched to student personalities
  3. College Visits:  Visiting colleges in the sophomore year is ideal, learn how to help students maximize the opportunity.
  4. Test Schedules:  How to jump start the testing schedule as a sophomore.

Check out these resources included in the presentation.

  • ACT-SAT 4 Year Test Schedule
  • College Visit Form for Students
  • College Visit Questions for Students

Find more forms available at  WACAC Counselor toolkit

Webinar Recording:  view here

Engaging Students Series- By GuidePath Best Practices from GuidedPath

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