College Essays Are Diverse

College Essays Are Diverse

Stanford asks about writing to your room-mate. The University of Chicago has students reflect on the mantis shrimp and their multi-spectrum receptors of light. The University of California has students share stories about “their world.” Colleges pose questions to prompt students to write their own thought provoking missive. Students must know what essay questions are required as a part of their college application process. It is a monumental research project to identify and track these required essays.

Leading the Way with Integrated Essays in GuidedPath
GuidedPath is pleased to announce plans for adding an essay feature  Summer 2014. We are leading the way again by adding this student centered support tool. No other web-based college or career guidance system offers an integrated college essay solution. GuidedPath will offer this feature at no additional cost.

See the Essays or Add Your Own
Added within GuidedPath, the new tab for Essays will provide the following features:

  1. Most popular colleges of the existing 2000+ colleges in GuidedPath will have required essay questions provided.
  2. Essay questions for majors, special programs or those not already provided can be added for each student.

In the future, this essay feature will be extended to have the essay questions added to Application Plans and Progress. Look for these features to be included in GuidedPath this summer!

Additional Resources for Essay Support
Announcing the addition of information on writing essays to be a part of the knowledge base in GuidedPath. The resources for students, to assist them in brainstorming ideas and understanding how to organize their essays, will be provided by Ethan Sawyer, The College Essay Guy. Ethan has lots of experience working with students in essay support (the recent HECA webinar featuring Ethan and his essay support system was sold out and rated one of the most popular HECA webinars ever offered). Stay tuned for more details to be coming soon on how GuidedPath will offer his information, and provide links to his services.

Essays and Scholarship Linked
Another feature that will be added to GuidedPath is the Academic Scholarship Report (ASR). This report provides a list of merit scholarships offered at colleges on a student’s list. It includes which scholarships require an essay, along with the link to the scholarship information. Applicable scholarship essay questions can be added from the ASR to the Essay tab for tracking.

Keep up with all the latest through Twitter and our blog. We will keep you up to date on the essay and many more features being added to GuidedPath.

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