FAQ: Five College Essay Questions Every Counselor Should Be Able to Help Their Students Answer

Writing the college essay is the nemesis of each high school student, and their advisors! Ethan Sawyer, The College Essay Guy, provided lots of tips and ideas for counselors to use with students in a recent GuidedPath Professional Development webinar.  Each webinar we offer generates questions from the audience.  Ethan Sawyer, and Cyndy McDonald, answer many questions generated at the most recent webinar.

Webinar topics

Q.  What were the 5 questions? I think I missed one or two.
A.   Ethan:  The five questions were:

1. How do I figure out what to write about?

2. How do I structure my essay?

3. How do I outline my essay?

4. How do I revise my essay?

5. How do I bring my essay to life? (or) How do I make it not-boring?

Q.  Why can’t you just let students write their essays on their own?

A:   Cyndy:  I believe it is an essential part of the journey students are embarking on as they prepare to leave high school and go into the next chapter of their lives. Having a process to help students approach the essays helps them write deeper and more meaningful essays.

Ethan: They can totally write them on their own, and a few do! But like Cyndy, I believe that their working through the process can help them go deeper, as the college essay process is about so much more than writing an essay. I believe it’s about digging through the past, finding a few gems, dusting them off, and making them shine. A counselor can help identify the gems.

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