FAQ: Is my Data Safe?

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Ensuring the availability and reliability of GuidedPath is a top priority, along with keeping all user data safe and secure.   Here are some specifics about what we do to provide our GuidedPath customers with the best, most reliable, most secure experience possible:

Hosted Securely

  • GuidedPath is hosted off site in a professionally run and green data center that ensures high availability, scalable performance and maximum security.
  • The data center is regularly audited and conforms to SSAE 16 Type II and HIPAA standards.
  • The data center is regularly maintained and patched with the latest security updates by professional system administrators.
  • The data center has the latest in hardware and software firewall protection to ensure that hackers cannot access your information.

Data Protection

  • All GuidedPath application pages are accessed via https, a secure web protocol to ensure the privacy of data transmitted to/from your browser and GuidedPath.
  • Strong passwords are required of all users.
  • Password sharing, duplicate and common passwords are strongly discouraged.
  • User passwords are NOT stored in the GuidedPath database (we use a one-way encryption mechanism to validate authentication (username and password) information.
  • Passwords are not retrievable by anyone, inside or outside of MyCCA Corporation.
  • The GuidedPath database is encrypted so in the unlikely event that the database is taken, it would be unusable.

Backup, Restore & Recovery

  • GuidedPath user data is of utmost importance.  We use industry standard rotational backup methodologies maintaining real-time backups of user data.  Full backups are performed daily with incremental backups hourly providing highly granular data protection in case of loss.
  • All backup data is stored on multiple servers to further ensure the protection of our customer’s valuable data.
  • Our data center is a fully redundant network, storage and server architecture.  In the event of a failure in any of these systems, automatic failover will allow GuidedPath to continue to provide services to its clients immediately, or within a very short period of time (usually minutes).

Weekly System Maintenance

  • GuidedPath itself is regularly maintained with “routine” fixes being added weekly (every Thursday evening from 10:30 PM to 12:30 AM Eastern Time) and “priority/emergency” fixes added as needed to ensure the operational excellence of the product.  

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