GuidedPath is a comprehensive college planning platform designed to meet your needs. GuidedPath offers:

  • The most powerful college SEARCH tool on the market, including athletic searches and data
  • A counseling approach with a counselor HOMEPAGE view of all your students, assignments, and more
  • The FISKE COLLEGE GUIDE college profile and rankings integrated directly into GuidedPath
  • TEXT messaging to individual and groups of students
  • REPORTS on individual or group student status and progress
  • Powerful college MY CHANCES feature to view admissions trends and patterns
  • College ESSAYS included for students to view, select and include in application planning
  • See how much money is available through MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS for each college
Grow Your Practice but don’t pay more!  No Extra Charge for Advisors.  Pay ONLY for active students.

College Counseling Made Simple

GuidedPath enables students to take ownership of their college planning and deadlines by putting everything needed for college planning in one place.


A proven college planning process creates accountability and guides students to finish college applications on time. The plan is personalized for each student and takes them through creating their college list, application plans, and keeping track of admissions information to help students make the best decisions.


Multi-media college profiles and the exclusive online FISKE college guide create a unique and engaging college search experience for students. Our college profiles include current information on:  Admissions rates, cost of attendance and financial aid, transfer student admissions data and requirements, essay questions, merit scholarships, international and transfer student data and requirements, plus much more.


Integrated survey tools help students explore college styles and affordability, including Find My Spark personality survey, College Affordability Survey with Federal & Institutional EFC, College Match Survey by Dr. Steven Antonoff, and the ability to build your own surveys to capture student information you need.


The most powerful and dynamic college search tool available, GuidedPath helps advisors, students and parents find and compare “best fit” colleges using multiple comparison fields, all in a single screen. Easily explore college profiles from each search, then add colleges to college lists from search.


EXCLUSIVE Academic Gauges provide a visual representation of admission chances and help students understand how their test scores and GPA stack up at thousands of colleges. The dynamic, green, yellow, red stoplight gauge communicates information important information at one glance.


A single screen dashboard, allows students and advisors to organize and view all college admissions deadlines and application plan milestones.


Reach your students on the go with text messaging and push notifications, either individually or in groups. Plus the Central Message Center keeps all your conversations with students in one place and allows you to set up automatic reminders and broadcast emails for multiple tasks.


Keep your organization on the same page with cloud file storage, management reports, accounting and billing information, the ability to track prospective students and other tools for counselors.


GuidedPath researches admissions and program dates, keeping them current, with easy to find links to current admissions data.


Use tools in GuidedPath to view collective student data, progress and generate reports for sharing with staff or boards.