Finding the Right College Without Paying A Fortune to Attend

With a four year college degree costing over $100,000, parents are wondering, “How can I afford college?” Students are wondering, “How do I find the right college for me?”  Tyler Hakes and Lynnell Engelmyer, of College Raptor, and Cyndy McDonald of GuidedPath will demonstrate how both these needs can be met, and how the definition of a college search has to be expanded to include financial fit. Examples and resources will be shared.

Participants in the webinar remarked:
-“I’m very excited about College Raptor and will share it with some of the high school counselors in my area.”
-“Great content.”
-“This is wonderful.”
-“Interesting and welcome pieces of software- GuidedPath and College Raptor”.

Presentation:  view here

Webinar recording: view here

Finding The Right College Without Paying A Fortune To Attend! from GuidedPath

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