Finding Work-Life Balance: Fact or Fiction?

What does work-life Balance look like for college advisors? This webinar, led by Cyndy McDonald, UCLA instructor and female entrepreneur, features insights gathered from an industry wide survey conducted in July-August 2019 about creating and maintaining a work-life balance. The results of the survey are discussed, the conclusions drawn from the results, and tips and tools for finding your own work-life balance are shared.

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View the recording, showing graphs and charts of the survey conducted about Finding Work-Life balance. Over 300 people participated in the survey. See the results, and learn what the results indicate about our profession.

Peers Share Tips for Success

I know all consultants are busy juggling multiple balls in the air at one time. I asked three particularly busy colleagues to share with us their tips for managing their lives and finding work-life balance. These short, 15 minute or less interviews, give you insights into ways others have found to balance their work and their lives.

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What are the challenges of being an entrepreneur and managing your own life?

Join a 30 Day Facebook Challenge on Work-Life Balance

Join our 30 day Facebook Work-Life Challenge, starting Sept. 20. Join me and your colleagues and find ONE area you want to work on in building balance between work and personal life in the next 30 days.