Exciting news about new surveys now available in GuidedPath.

Five New Surveys added to GuidedPath

The GuidedPath development team is leading the way again.  They have implemented several new surveys for you to provide to students and parents. Taking a paper form and turning it into an online tool makes you look professional, sets you above the crowd, and saves you time in reviewing and collating results.

New Surveys

When you log into your GuidedPath account this weekend, you will see the following NEW surveys:

1.  Activity Record | Track extracurricular activities at all grade levels. Use as a basis for resumes.

2.  Athletic Worksheet | Student athletes can use this survey to identify their preferences and strengths.

3.  Course Plan | Students can plan to take the right classes all four years using this course plan.

4.  Design a College | A survey for students and parents to use to identify priorities and desires to help find that great college fit.

5.  Getting 2 Know U |  Students enjoy answering these open ended questions about themselves.

All surveys are available to parents and/or students. Once the surveys are completed, a summary of the results will be displayed.

Previous Surveys

Now is the time to explore the GuidedPath previous surveys.  These surveys include analysis of survey results:

1.  Find My Spark | A personality survey used to explore student personality preferences, and identify their college style.  Designed specifically for GuidedPath by Claire Law,  co-author of Find the Perfect College for You

2.  College Affordability Shaper | Using the results of this survey, college affordability can be assessed for each family, using successful strategies developed by Cyndy McDonald over twenty years of working with families.

3.  College Match | Authored by Dr. Steven Antonoff, the purpose of this survey is to help students find colleges where they will be happy and successful.

Learn more about each of these surveys- Find My Spark, College Affordability Shaper, College Match in our knowledge base.

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t
  • To make it easier for you to find and use the surveys, they are all turned ON and displayed.
  • Students and parents will see the surveys when they log in.
  • You have the ability to choose which surveys you want to display. Manage the display of surveys through the launchpad tool in GuidedPath.

Our knowledge base article Creating and Managing Surveys walks you through how to manage surveys or create new ones.

Make Your Own

GuidedPath offers the unique capability of creating your own surveys (or forms).  Set yourself apart by taking forms you have students or parents complete and put them in GuidedPath.  Examples of forms you could create:

  • Intake form
  • Exit form
  • College Visits
  • Recommendations
  • Visual or Performing Arts forms


Expanded List of Surveys As Seen on SURVEYS menu
New Surveys

Look for these NEW surveys in GuidedPath





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