“Generation Z is Coming: Are We Ready” Presentation Available

This is a presentation I have done with 3 college representatives at several past conferences. The representatives are from Chapman University, Lynn University and Southwestern University. We will be presenting this at the IACAC (International Association for College Admissions Counselors) in London, Ontario, Canada next week. In this session we will discuss how they see the characteristics of the students they work with changing, and what preparations are being made to meet the needs of the rising generation in both college recruitment and retention practices.

I thought it would be helpful to provide this presentation to those of you who are interested and not able to catch it at one of the conferences.

We are looking forward to interviewing the Director of Admissions for Lynn University, Stefano Papaleo on July 17 about the revolutionary educational approach Lynn has taken for students, based on Generation Z needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this innovative and unique college designed for students.

This presentation is TOO large to just view. Click on the button to download the presentation. It includes a video from Lynn University about their curriculum approach.

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