GuidedPath 4-step process to help you wrap up the year

Getting ready for the end of the school year? We’ve made a few changes to wrap things up for the 2017-2018 school year (scroll down to “what’s changed” for details).

Follow these 4 steps to successfully wrap things up in your GuidedPath account for the end of this school year:

  1. Enter your financial aid awards and decisions for your students
  2. Archive your students so you maintain their historical data
  3. Take a look at your graduating class information as a whole!
  4. Add in your younger students!

1. Enter Awards & Decisions

Keep track of who was accepted at colleges, what the financial aid offers consisted of, and what the student decided to do.

Watch a video and learn how to add this information

2. Archive Students

Finished with a student or class? Archive them! This will reduce the number of active students who count in your billing plan. Never delete your students, as you will lose all of their historical information! New: archive an entire class at once!   Learn How.

3. View your Class of 2018 Information

Choose 2018 on the Advisor Homepage, then click on Reports on the left menu. (Already archived your 2018s? Choose your 2018 archived students from the My Students page) Scroll through the reports to see your class application distribution, awards summary and more!  Check out all the reports that can be run on a group of students (including your class of 2018).

4. Add in your younger students

Get your younger students added into GuidedPath – have them take surveys so you can get to know their personalities and college preferences!

Your rising Seniors should take advantage of their summer to investigate all the college resources within GuidedPath.   Learn How.