GuidedPath Academy – schedule of classes

GuidedPath Academy: Master User Experience Offered!

-Gain valuable skills to grow your business
-Experience professional growth
-Learn how to use GuidedPath to save you time and money

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Enroll in the seven courses in any sequence that fits your schedule. Once you complete all courses, you can apply to be a GuidedPath Master User. The seven courses are:

1. Launching a Successful College Planning Service (6 weeks)
2. Dynamic College Planning
3. Navigating the Standardized Testing Landscape
4. Guiding Students to Better Essays
5. Maximize Student Engagement with Surveys and Documents
6. Enhance Your Practice with College Affordability
7. Building a Successful College Planning Service

Here is the schedule of all our classes, so you can plan your year!
Course #Course TitleDescriptionCostDurationSummer StartSummer 2 StartWinter Start
1Launching A Successful College Planning ServiceCombine educational knowledge with an entrepreneurial spirit and you get educational consulting. Navigating this confluence is not always easy. Join Cyndy McDonald and other new entrepreneurs, to take the steps to successfully launching your practice.
$2956 weeks -
Dynamic College PlanningCyndy McDonald, an expert college counselor and GuidedPath trainer, walks you through the process of creating a dynamic college list using GuidedPath, and how to deliver a polished, professional, annotated list to parents/students. Training on development and use of the GuidedSearch, My Matches, Saved Searches and Tagged Lists included. Explore how easy it is to set up and have students follow through on application plans within GuidedPath. Learn how to organize information about test scores, essays, recommendations and create application plans using GuidedPath.$1954 weeks6/4/2018 -
Winter 2019
Navigating the Standardized Testing LandscapeMore and more, standardized tests are dominating the landscape of college admissions. Learn how GuidedPath is designed to help counselors navigate this landscape expertly and easily. Hear from experts who share their tips for effective test preparation and timing of tests. Robert Schaeffer, from Fair Test, discusses the history of standardized tests and the growing movement toward "test optional". $195
4 weeks -
Guiding Students to Better EssaysWriting the college essay causes both students and advistors angst and anxiety! Learn how to help your students find their best stories for college essays using GuidedPath and other essay support tools. Through interviews and sharing with other advisors, you will create your winning College Essay Game Plan.$1954 weeks7/9/2018
Maximize Student Engagement with Surveys and DocumentsLearn how offering surveys is like playdough in your hand. You can build your practice and provide valuable tools to all students. Learn how to use assignments to engage students and parents, interpret survey results, and create your own surveys or documents. This course also introduces the newest GuidedPath feature: Cloud Sharing.$1954 weeks Winter 2019
Enhance Your Practice with College Affordability No matter what a family’s income is, paying for college is a concern. Financial Fit has become an important component of the best-fit picture. You don’t have to be an expert in finances to support families in their search for affordable college options. College affordability is built into everything GuidedPath does. This course covers the basics of college affordability and how to use the EFC calculator and other tools in GuidedPath.$1954 weeks 7/9/2018Winter 2019