GuidedPath Academy Terms and Conditions

GuidedPath Academy Policies
Our goal is to be sure you have a valuable learning experience. We have put a lot of preparation and content in each of our Academy classes to make it a notch above any other online courses you have done.
 We realize from time to time things happen in life to change your plans for taking an online Academy class. With that in mind, we have created an enrollment and refund policy.
Students can enroll in class prior to start of class date and, based on availability, can enroll after class has started. Class start dates are listed on the GuidedPath website.
Payment Method
Class enrollment fees are paid online on the GuidedPath website with a debit or credit card.
Refund Policies
Submit all requests for enrollment fee refunds or credit (to other Academy classes) according to the following schedule:
Prior to class starting: administrative fee of $50 deducted from enrollment fee. Enrollment fee can be transferred to future class or refunded (minus the $50.00 administrative fee).
Once class has started and 10% of the class has been completed, there is no refund available, but a transfer of the enrollment fee may be available as follows:
  • Between 10-60% of the class completion, requests to transfer enrollment fee to future class (of the same length and cost) can be made.
  • After 60% of the class completion, no refunds or transfer of enrollment fees to future class is allowed.
All requests for refunds should be submitted to