GuidedPath Introduces Custom Tagged Lists to Add to the Lists Already There!

Last spring I worked with a student who wanted to study Linguistics, with a Portuguese emphasis.  She had done a study abroad in Brazil for a year, and wanted to continue her studies in the language and the culture.  It was a lot of research, with a specific list of schools that offered many options for her to consider. Because I am in a large Portuguese community, I wanted to save my work and make it available for future students.  Now, with the new CUSTOM TAGGED LIST feature in GuidedPath, we can save a researched list  as a tagged list with one touch.

Did you know?

GuidedPath has always had ready made tagged lists to use in college searches.  We do all the work, and let you reap the benefits.  Many of these lists  comprise research that is hard to do. We create these hard to find lists for  you to use with students/parents. Now you can add your own custom lists to our own.

What kinds of lists are there?

Tagged lists fall into one of four categories:

  1. General Information:  These are organized lists by a theme (such as Colleges That Change Lives, or the Fiske Guide), or by other common characteristics share by a group of colleges.
  2. Academic: Colleges that share a focus on a particular field of study or major, or common academic characteristic.
  3. Financial Aid: GuidedPath shines in this area. Lots of lists about scholarships, financial aid, college forms used, and more.
  4. Social Experience: Hard to find lists with a focus on cultural diversity and social experience.

What are some of the most popular lists?

Did you know GuidedPath has these as tagged lists already?

  • Colleges that offer scholarships to International students: International Scholarships 
  • The 2016 US News Ranked national universities: US News Top 100 National Universities 
  • Colleges with majors related to web, video and online gaming: Gaming Programs
  • Early admission to medical schools for high school or other students: Medical Admissions Early
  • Performing arts colleges for talented students : Musical Theater
  • Private colleges that do not require the Profile:  Private FAFSA Only Schools
  • Schools with sizable Jewish student populations: Top Jewish Schools

See the list of over 100 tagged lists already in GuidedPath.  Which ones do you use the most?

What are some ideas for custom tagged lists?

The sky is the limit as to what custom tagged lists you could create.  What about:

  • Colleges popular with your students (My Favorites List)
  • Colleges in your region (East, West, Midwest, South….)
  • Colleges in the same system (University of California, New York State Universities….)
  • College with a particular interest (Equestrian majors, Linguistics, Sports Broadcasting….)
  • Colleges sharing other unique characteristics (4-1-4 schedules, Late start options, or International Study start options…)
  • College with specific or general social experience options (LGBTQ friendly campuses, Green emphasis, Unique campus experience…)

Let your professional expertise shine!  Use the research you already do to benefit students over and over, while saving yourself lots of time!

This sounds great! How do I do this?

Creating custom tagged lists is easy to do.  You can:

  1. Click on Manage Surveys, Tagged Lists and Resources in the Advisor Launchpad.
  2. Use Guided Search and save the results as a Tagged List for your Organization.

The sky is the limit now!  Take advantage and start creating your own tagged lists today!

Creating Custom Lists takes one touch.


Once a tagged list is created- use it over and over to create lists for students.