GuidedPath is Growing!

GuidedPath is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Greg Czarkowski.

Greg Czarkowski

Greg is the Chief College Counselor at A Myers Briggs-Strong Certified Practitioner and a member of NACAC, for the past five years Greg has worked with students from high school to graduate school as an independent educational consultant & career counselor. Greg enjoys helping students uncover their true enthusiasms and assisting them through the admissions process so they can attend the school that will help them launch their dreams. 

Greg holds a JD from Santa Clara University School of Law and a BS in Political Science from Santa Clara University. Prior to working at, he served as an admissions officer for Santa Clara University and worked as a Master Counselor for an education consulting firm. Greg can be reached at

Next Steps

This is an exciting next step for GuidedPath. Our team is expanding as our role in college advising platforms has expanded over the last two years.  GuidedPath has been a part of PlanMyCollege since 2017. Our ability to help serve families and advisors has increased because we now offer advisors from all sizes of organizations choices between two platforms: GuidedPath and PlanMyCollege. 

GuidedPath is a professional college guidance platform offering comprehensive college guidance and administrative features. PlanMyCollege is a simplified college guidance platform offering college guidance and administrative features.

Changes for Founder Cyndy McDonald

We are also announcing a change in position for Cyndy McDonald, founder of GuidedPath. After several years leading GuidedPath, she has stepped down as president. She is moving on to explore other areas of interest in business development. Don’t look too far away for her.  She is continuing on at the company in a consulting capacity. Watch for news from Cyndy about other exciting projects she is embarking upon. Cyndy can still be reached at or at

Tao Qin

Tao Qin, continues as the COO and co-founder of PlanMyCollege. He has a breadth of experience in both technology and customer service.  He is leading the company in new, exciting directions. Tao can be reached at

Meet Us at IECA Conference

Come meet Greg Czarkowski and Cyndy McDonald at the upcoming IECA conference. We are both looking forward to meeting you! We can answer your questions about the differences between our two platforms, and find the one that works best for you and your needs.