GuidedPath Leading the Way Again in 2017

College Counseling is Dynamic

College counseling is a dynamic, fluid field.  Each year, as counselors, we face new counseling challenges and issues.  Parents and students face a complex college admissions process.  Over the past four years GuidedPath has led the way, addressing this professional need by offering online webinars. As in many other ways, GuidedPath continues to raise the bar, setting the stage for professional development that no others have achieved or even approached.

Learning from the Best Experts

Our guest presenters come from a variety of professional backgrounds- including directors of admissions, non-profit group spokes persons, authors, and college counseling experts. These experts have presented webinars on a wide array of topics.  Each webinar is recorded and added to a playlist in our GuidedPath YouTube Channel. Slides are shared on slideshare. See blog on “All Time Best Webinars”.

Lots of Colleagues Listening

With up to 500 attendees at each webinar, and invitations out to over 4000 on our mailing list, we are proud of the number of people we have brought quality professional development to over the last four years.  And all for FREE.

New Offerings in 2017 will be Interviews

This year we are breaking new ground again!  The 2017 Professional Development Series, “Exploring Paths to Higher Education” will be interviews with subject matter experts.  Some of the topics to be included in this year’s series include:

  • The Value of a Liberal Arts Education for Generation X
  • Guiding the Undecided Student. Is declaring a major imperative?
  • Global Student Exodus to American Colleges: Implications for Counselors

Maria Furtado, Joyce Vining Morgan, Chris Andersson, Marie Schwartz are among the experts being interviewed in 2017.  View all 8 topics in Professional Development. Watch for announcements about future presenters.

Live Interviews Offer Chance to Ask Questions

Talking to experts live, asking questions you have been dying to ask will be a part of the live interviews.  Frank conversations and insightful questions will make the interviews stand out.  Cyndy McDonald has extensive interview experience, having been doing live interviews as an instructor for the UCLA online college counseling certificates.

Join Us

Registration is open now for many of the live interviews .  Can’t attend at the time listed?  Register anyway, and we will send you notification when the recording is ready to listen.

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