GuidedPath Leading the Way with New Learning Styles Survey Release

GuidedPath is excited to announce the release of the GuidedPath Learning Styles Survey. GuidedPath has implemented a modern, unique and easy to take survey right into GuidedPath. Research and over twenty years of experience went into the creation of the GuidedPath Learning Styles Survey, which is now available at no additional cost, to all users of GuidedPath.

The Three Learning Style Dimensions

The GuidedPath Learning Style survey covers three learning style dimensions. These three dimensions are:

  • Receptive: Measuring a student’s preferred method for taking in information.
  • Social: Measuring how a student organizes their studying.
  • Expressive: Measuring how a student likes to deliver their knowledge.
Middle School to College Age Appropriate

All students can benefit from knowing their dominant learning style(s).  Use this survey with any students- from incoming middle school students to graduating high school seniors, to help them prepare for success in school.  Parents appreciate understanding their student’s learning style and how to support them in their learning strengths, and navigating their learning weaknesses.

Expand your mission

Using surveys should be an integral part of your work with students and families. If you are not using surveys in your organization or practice, now is the time to start.  The Learning Styles Survey is one of many surveys offered by GuidedPath. Expand the role you play in a student’s life as a counselor or consultant by offering this Learning Styles survey and other

Survey and Report

The survey takes only 10-15 minutes to take. A report is immediately generated, with information on the student’s dominant learning style. The report gives students insights into their learning strengths and weaknesses. The GuidedPath Learning Styles Surveys report includes study habit tips students can use, or parents can help students implement. It opens the door to understanding why and how a student studies best.

Connecting Learning Styles to Study Habits

If students match their learning style to their study habits, they can spend less time studying and improve performance at school.  This is a win-win all the way around- for student, for parents, and for counselors.

Science and Experience

The science behind the GuidedPath Learning Styles survey is based on the VARK  modalities identified in research done by Fleming and Mills (1992). This also incorporates principles of the CITE learning styles instrument. Tested by thousands of students over twenty years, the GuidedPath Learning Styles Survey offers a unique, modern testing instrument you can offer to your students, as part of your growing program or practice. You can only get it through GuidedPath. No other survey or assessment matches the unique components of the GuidedPath Survey.

Cost = Free

As with all the GuidedPath Surveys, there is no extra cost to having the GuidedPath Learning Styles Survey. No extra cost for reports. No extra contracts with outside companies. Providing counselors the tools they need to work with students is always our objective. As the only online, college planning company owned by counselors and developed for counselors, we know what student and counselor needs are.

See it in Action

Watch a webinar on the new GuidedPath Learning Styles Survey. Learn more about the survey; see the report; discuss the results and how to use Learning Styles to motivate students.


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